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Posted: 05/18/2004 in daily life, london life
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I am sick.

It feels like everytime I come back to London, I pick up one illness or another…..December 2003 I got a super charged gastro bug (my birthday and Christmas were fun!), last summer I seriously underestimated the recovery time from having four wisdom teeth removed in hospital (I was the bride of Frankenstien) and now this uber cold.

Just ignore my moaning, the lemsip is wearing off – if it ever had any effect.

I am sure I’ll feel better in the morning and at least I have my ma furnishing me with hot drinks and tlc :)

Oh my, what a busy few days – I was so glad when they let me finish my shift early so I could amble home and slump in front of the computer. Hard enough being a dynamic, multi tasking, 21st C gal but throw in a sick Alex and even I am struggling to keep up. I was v worried on Saturday as he only (half heartily) checked his email once, lucky it only seems to be a 24hr bug and he is now merrily programming away.

This months reading group proved to be another lively debate. I don’t think ‘Flowers for Algernon’ was to everyone’s taste. I feel that SciFi stories tend to date, so whilst I enjoyed it I had to keep in the back of my mind that it was written forty odd years ago. The general opinion was that Algernon was indicative of that decade, over time the themes become less powerful and maybe in twenty years time the same would be thought of ‘Lovely Bones’.

I guess I better return to tending to the sick….